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R S M Public School

About Us

About Us


From Manager's Desk

Dear Parents/Guardians,

          Welcome to R.S.M. Public School. As a manager my goal is to work with the community in providing quality education, setting high expectations and creating a caring community for all students. we strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge within a dynamic and interactive environment, thereby enabling our students to gain distinction and honour in their chosen fields. Our planning and commitments are directed towards the improvement of over all infrastructure of school, for which we are trying our level best by improving our school day by day.

We believe in creativity, innovation and development to the fullest. Your little ones are our treasures and we find ourselves fortunate to serve them. We give them strong roots and stronger wings to fly the world over. Carrying the message of "Service before self".

The students are why we are here. They not only excel academically, but are also learning about respect, ethical values and social skills, which we at R.S.M. Public school consider to be equally important. We strive to create an environment where students feel safe, comfortable and respected.

One of our major concerns is to make your children sensitive to other's needs and to be able to appreciate the differences between them with maturity, so that there are no differences. All children are born equal-some just have greater oppurtunities. To create equal opportunities for all remains our guiding principle.

Thank you for applying to our school. I am certain that we will share a long and meaningful partnership in the years to come.

Yugal Kishor Agarwal


Dream, if nurtured in the right perspective, blooms into smiling reality, The idea of founding a school in the fertile land of Supaul took a tangible form and was christened "Rashtriya Sarvajanik Mela Public School, Supaul" in the year 1994.

The then Hon State Energy Minister Mr. Bijendra Prasad Yadav laid the foundation stone of the school on November 30, 1994 under the chairmanship of Jayant Munigala, I.A.S., the then District Magistrate of Supaul. Mr. R. P. Yadav graced the school as its first manager, who was the then secretary of Rashtriya Sarvajanik Mela Samiti.

Now it is a Co-Education English Medium School. It is a boarding cum residential school. The school is flourishing under "Rashtriya Sarvajanik Mela Samiti, Supaul" with the District Magistrate at the helm as its Chairman, Vice-Chairman, S.D.M. Supaul, and the Manager cum-secretary, Rashtriya Sarvajanik Mela Samiti Supaul.


The emblem teaches to be self-enlightened for the self and society. The radiant rays of the sun symbolise the dawn of light and learning dissolving the darkness of ignorance. They also personify the advent of awakening and enlightenment in the life of the learners. The emblem embodying the importance of Vidya - as an eye opener-has been the sole motto of this alma-mater. With the help of "Jn~├ĘkkokWYyHkrs Kkue~", which has been asserted in the Emblem, a child can set-himself on the path of leading a higher and humble life.


R.S.M. Public School is Committed to provide a congenial environment with a view to shaping children into physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced and spiritually illumined personalities. It aims at formation of high character on sound appreciation of Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the Indian heritage. It appreciates creativity and scientific approach to life. It promotes and motivates the students to do all the best in all the places by all means. It imparts the lesson that success is a journey, rather than a destination. So one should be prepared to meet the challenge as it comes. It teaches the students to get themselves armed with the weapon of positive attitude, skill and good habits.


The school is located in a beautiful and open area in its own land adjacent to Rashtriya Sarvajanic Mela ground. It is about 1K.M North from Supaul Railway Station, and in the periphery of B.S.S College Supaul Stadium, Collectriate and the Gajna river.


From 1st April to 31st March of the calendar year.


The school follows complete C.B.S.E. curriculum and its teaching is based on C.B.S.E and N.C.E.R.T publication.

From Principal's Desk

It has been proved that children need to breathe in fresh air, they need facilities for learning the Arts, Culture, Philosophy and History of our civilization Besides these, it is also necessary for them to know about the traditional, social values through modern education. They must be taught the art of living, for which they need a clarity of thought unaffected by the ill manners. They need adequate mental nutrition and a clean environment.

R.S.M. Public School is committed to provide them such facilities for their all-round development. At present the management of the R.S.M. Public School, Supaul, known as Rashtriya Sarvajanik Mela Samiti, is trying its level best to make the students capable of honesty which is the beginning of a valuable education.

As an institutional head, I would try at my own part to make the school an exemplary alma mater in such a remote area as Supaul. Since a radical change has came in the field of education, it is our duty, therefore, to create a healthy and perfect academic atmosphere for shaping children into worthy citizens of our society and nation.

V. C. Mishra