(Aff. No. - 330144 / School. No. - 65146)

R S M Public School





From 9:00 am to 03:00 pm. In Winter
From 7:00 am to 01:30 pm. In Summer

House System

There are four Houses known as Ashoka, Raman, Shivaji and Tagore . Each House has a captain and a vice captain under the patronage of a teacher to keep eyes on smooth functioning of the each House.


The school honours the meritorious students by awarding them on the occasion of Annual Function. The selection of such students is made by the fact finding team of the school.


The school follows the list of holidays as declared by the Central / State Government. It also grants Summer and Winter vacations generally in the month of June and the last week of December.


The school maintains and continues with its Annual Academic Calendar.


Assembly plays the vital role in the proper functioning of the school. The activities included are as mentioned below :

(a) Attendance

(b) Checks to ensure proper uniform and cleanliness.

(c) Vande Mataram (National Song)

(d) Prayer

(e) Pledge

(c) Vande Mataram (National Song)

(d) Prayer

(e) Pledge

(f) Thought for the day

(g) Quiz

(h) Short speech by the students.

(i) Group song with musical instruments

(j) Inspiratory notes by Teacher / Principal

(K) National Anthem.

(l) Dispersal for classes.


The School possesses a well managed hostel under the management of Rashtriya Sarvajanik Mela Samiti, Supaul, the present organisation of the school. It pays proper care for quality education. So, hostelers are supervised by the teachers, Principal as well as the Manager at all times. In this harmonious relationship, students cultivate good habits of reading, playing and learning. They are provided a balanced, enriched and nutritious food 6 times a day. The Mess Menu is changed every month. The management provides good teachers for the hostel boys. The hostelers are provided all kinds of games and sports facilities.

* In case of personal need of the hostelers regarding academic problem, it is removed by skilled and well experienced teachers. The weaker students are guided and imparted a special coaching. Apart form these facilities, the students are provided with the services of Medicine,Barber and Washerman. In these ways the hostel pays proper care to its students, because there is a friendly interaction among the students and teachers as well as students, teachers and Principal.


The list of items to be brought by the hostelers, are given below:

1) Navy blue pant 02

2) Checked Pink Shirt 02

3) Black shoes two pairs

4) White socks two pairs

5) Banyans / Underwear 02, 02

6) Carpet 01

7) Matters / Bed Sheet 01, 02

8) Pillow / Pillow Cover 01, 02

9) Blanket / Quilt 01, 01

10) Kurta / Trousers /Towel 01, 01 01

11) Slippers 01

12) Plastic Bucket / Mug 01, 01

13) Mosquito Net 01, 01

14) Steel Trunk/School Bag

15) Hair Oil/Tooth Paste/Tooth Brush/Comb/Nail cutter/Mirror/Bathing Soap/ Tongue Cleaner/Steel Glass/Spoon/Torch

16) Blue Blazer & Blue Sweater 02 Half Sweater 01 Blue Muffler 01

17) Private Pants Shirts (Full and Half) 02, 02, 02

18) Pen/Pencil/Rubber/Cello Tape/Brown Paper

General School Rules

1) The students are directed to give particular attention to the uniform and personal turn out.

2) They are strictly instructed to be punctual and sincere to attend their classes, learn the lessons and prepare the Home-Work and Class-Work.

3) The consent of parents/guardians must be presented to the office against any type of leave. For a long leave, prior consent of the principal is unavoidable.

4) At least 75% attendance is required.

5) Leave application due to sickness must be presented with medical certificate.

6) Taking part in the extra curricular activities like Painting, Drawing, Music, Dancing, Games and Sports as well as Quiz Contest, Essay Writing Contest, Calligraphy, Debate, Elocution and Poem recitation is necessary.

7) Students are expected to be vigilant on their personal belongings. The school will not be responsible for the loss of their belongings.

8) No personal sports material should be brought by the students.

9) Once a student enters the school he/she will not be permitted to go outfrom school premises, unless it is for a very genuine, urgent and unavoidable purposes.

10) Parents/Guardians are fully authorised to visit the school to know about the academic progress of their wards on any working day. He/She may consult with subject teacher and also with principal.

11) As the school starts its assembly in school court-yard all the entraces/exits remain closed and all the latecomer students are debarred from their participation and may even be punished by the School-Administration.

12) Any loss caused by breakage of school property will be compensated by the student by whom the loss was caused.

13) The school fees must be paid by the 15th of every month. Unnecessary and deliberate delay in payment of fees will result into the deletion of the names of the concerned students from the school and class register.

14) Incase of any dispute, legal action may be taken only within Supaul Judicial Area.

15) All types of correspondences should be addressed to Manager/Principal of the school.

16) Request for hosteler's parents/guargians

        a) Parents/Guardians are allowed to meet their wards only on the 1 and 3rd Sunday of every month between 9:00am. and 4:00 pm

            They are requested not to visit on other days onrmally.

        b) Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the hostel or its mess without the prior permission of the concerned authority.

        c) In case of nonpayment of fees by the scheduled date, the students will be sent back to their home.

        d) After any vacation if the student reports to hostel late, he will have to pay a fine of Rs. 10/- for each day of his absence.

        e) Incase of withdrawal of any student, parents/guardians should take-out all of his/her belongings at most within a fortnight.

            After a fortnight the school will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

        f) Parents / Guardians are not allowed to serve fast food or any type of food items to theirwards.

17) In connection with the above-mentioned rules, parents/guardians are requested to be considerate. The school management seeks their full co-operation for spirit of understanding and fraternity.