(Aff. No. - 330144 / School. No. - 65146)

R S M Public School





Efficient faculty members. A set of young, energetic and trained staff has been employed to achieve the goal and coveted target.

*Adherence to impart instructions through English -medium is strictly observed. Also, it is in line with the present trend of technological, competitive and scientific pattern of life without any violation of Social, Cultural and Traditional system.


Today Knowledge of computer is a mandatory requirement for which computer education has been incorporated in the curriculum.


(a) Games and Sports- Games and Sports are facilitated under the guidance of trained physical teachers.

(b) Training in music, Vocal as well as instrumental, is offered to the students.

(c) Debate / Declamation / Quiz /Dramatics / Poem Recitation / Speech And Essay Writing- The students are given ample opportunity to expose their talents in the competitions organized by the school for developing their personalities.


To arouse an interest and develop the reading habits among students, there is a rich library with books , journals and periodicals.


To keep students in touch and tune with the scientific and technological advancements, the school has got a well equipped laboratory to impart practical concepts to the student.


Vehicle facility is provided to the students coming from remote places. There are four school buses which run in all the routes. The bus fare varies according to the distance.


The school has a countinuous comprehensive evaluation(C.C.E) system. Besides four formative Assessments, twoSummative Assessments are conducted to asses the performance of the students. Project Work, Oral test, Quiz, Contest, Group discusion, PSA.ASL, OTBA. and Assignment are given due importance in the preparation of result.


1. Promotion to the next class is given on the basis of performances in the formative and Summative Assessments.

2. The final result is prepared on the basis of 40% Marks from Formative Assessments and 60% marks from Summative Assessments.

3. Pass marks for class I to V have been fixed at 30% of the total marks, whereas pass marks for class VI onwards have been fixed at 40% of the total marks. But in accordance with the CCE pattern, the students get the grades alone in their progress - reports on the basis of the marks they obtain.

4. Promotion of the Student to the next Class will, however, be at the discretion of the Principal.


Parents/Guardians are invited to give their suggestions / problems, if any, and discuss the same with the Principal and teachers to improve the academic status of the students.

Above all, it is a school providing co- education facility of education in congenial atmosphere for the taught to imbibe the spirit of understanding and fraternity.


School uniform dresses are mandatory for the students for equality among them. All the students are compulsorily required to put on the school uniform daily for the sake of uniformity and equality among them.

Uniform is as follows:-


From Class I and onwards (Monday to Saturday)

Pants Navy Blue Shirt - Checked Pink, Black Shoes, White Socks (Tie, Badge, Belt, as it is).

In Winter

Blue Blazer, Blue Muffler and Blue Sweater.


From Class I to V (Monday to Saturday)

Navy Blue Skirt, Pink Checked Shirt, Black Shoes, White Socks (tie, Badge, Belt, as it is).

From Class VI and onwards (Monday to Saturday)

Navy Blue Salwar, Pink Checked Sameez (frock), Navy Blue Odhani, Black Shoes, White Socks, Badge.

In Winter

Blue Blazer, Blue Scarf and Blue Sweater.